How to Make Elixir in Minecraft Education Edition

A step-by-step guide on how to make Elixir in Minecraft Education Edition.

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Elixir is a type of potion that can give the player status effects. It can be found in the Creative inventory or can be brewed in a brewing stand.

Elixir can be brewed by using an awkward potion and one or more of the following ingredients:

Golden Carrot

Ghast Tear

Redstone Dust


Blaze Powder

What is Elixir?

Elixir is a type of Potion that can give the Player Status Effects. Each effect has different durations, and players can have up to three effects active at any given time. Some Status Effects are positive while others are negative.

To make an Elixir, the player must first placed water in a Cauldron. Next, the player must add an Ingredient to the Cauldron. Finally, the player must add Glowstone Dust to the Cauldron.

Elixirs can also be created by Brewing Stands. To do this, the player must first place one water bottle in each of the three bottom slots of the Brewing Stand. Next, they must add an Ingredient to the top slot of the Brewing Stand. Finally, they must add Glowstone Dust to one of the empty slots in the Crafting Table that is adjacent to the Brewing Stand.

The process of making elixir

Elixir is a type of potion that can give you special effects, such as night vision or fire resistance. You can make elixir in Minecraft: Education Edition by using the cauldron and crafting ingredients.

1. Start by placing a cauldron on the ground.
2. Fill the cauldron with water by right-clicking on it with a water bucket.
3. Add the crafting ingredients to the cauldron. The ingredients you will need depend on the type of elixir you want to make. For example, to make a night vision elixir, you will need redstone dust and glowstone dust.
4. Place an iron ingot in the slot on the left side of the cauldron interface. This will start the brewing process.
5. When the brewing is complete, your elixir will be ready to use!

The benefits of elixir

Elixir is a powerful potion that can be made in Minecraft Education Edition. It gives you the effects of regeneration, strength, and speed for three minutes. You can also make it extend to other players within a certain radius. This article will show you how to make elixir in Minecraft Education Edition.

To make elixir, you will need:
-3 water bottles
-1 glowstone dust
-1 magma cream
-1 sugar
-1 spider eye

Once you have gathered all of the ingredients, follow these steps:
1) Place the water bottles in the 3 middle slots of the brewing stand.
2) Place the glowstone dust in the slot to the far left.
3) Place the magma cream in the slot to the far right.
4) Add the sugar in the top slot.
5) Finally, add the spider eye in the top slot.
6) Wait for the ingredients to brew, and then collect your elixir from the bottom slot of the brewing stand.

How to use elixir

In Minecraft Education Edition, elixir is a type of potion that can give players different buffs. There are three different types of elixir that can be brewed in the game: regular, extended, and multiplied. Each type of elixir has a different effect on the player.

To make a regular elixir, the player will need to use a cauldron and fill it with water. Then, the player will need to add an aviary flower to the water. After that, the player will need to add nether wart to the mixture. Finally, the player should place a glistering melon slice in the cauldron. This will create a regular elixir that will give the player night vision for three minutes.

To make an extended elixir, the player will need to follow the same steps as above. However, instead of using water, the player will need to use magma cream. This will create an extended elixir that will give the player night vision for eight minutes.

To make a multiplied elixir, the player should follow the same steps as above. Instead of using water or magma cream, however, theplayer will need to use spider eye serum. This will create a multiplied elixir that gives multiplies all buffs by two for two minutes.

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