How to Make Underwater TNT in Minecraft Education Edition

Have you ever wanted to make underwater TNT in Minecraft? Well, now you can with this tutorial!

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In Minecraft Education Edition, you can make underwater TNT. This is a great way to make explosions in water without having to worry about the TNT floating to the surface.

To make underwater TNT, you will need:
-A block of obsidian
-A block of wool

First, place the obsidian block on the ground. Then, place the TNT on top of the obsidian block. Finally, place the wool block on top of the TNT.

When you are ready to detonatedate the underwater TNT, simply right-click on the wool block. The explosion will be contained within the obsidian block and will not cause any damage to the surrounding area.

What You’ll Need

-Water buckets
-A flat area of ground

Making the TNT

TNT is a powerful explosive in Minecraft, and it’s especially useful for destroying underwater structures. To make TNT, you’ll need:

-4 blocks of obsidian
-1 block of redstone
-1 block of slime

Place the obsidian in the shape of a T on the ground, then place the redstone and slime blocks in the center of the T. When you’re finished, your TNT will be ready to use!

Placing the TNT

To place the TNT, open your crafting table and select the TNT from the menu. Next, select the place block button and place the TNT block where you want it to go.

When you have placed the TNT, a redstone signal will be sent to the block telling it to explode. The signal will travel through any blocks that are transparent to redstone signals like glass or thin air. When the signal reaches the TNT, it will explode.

Detonating the TNT

Underwater TNT is a very powerful explosion that can be created in Minecraft Education Edition. When detonated, it will create a large sphere of water that will deal damage to any players or mobs that are caught in the blast. It is also very useful for destroying underwater structures or killing underwater mobs.

To create underwater TNT, you will need:
-One block of obsidian
-One block of TNT
-One bucket of water

Place the obsidian block and TNT block next to each other on the ground. Right-click on the TNT block with the water bucket in your hand. This will place the water inside the TNT block and create a “primed” TNT block. Once the water has been placed inside the TNT block, it can no longer be picked up or moved. Right-click on the primed TNTblock with a Flint and Steel item to detonate it.


TNT that is placed underwater will not explode if hit by a projectile such as an arrow, snowball, or egg. However, it will still detonate if struck by direct contact with an explosion or if the block it is touching is destroyed.

TNT can be used to create an “underwater nuke” in Minecraft Education Edition. This is done by placing a block of TNT underwater and detonating it with redstone. The explosion will create a large column of water that can reach up to the surface of the map.

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