Is Frontline Education Down?

If you’re trying to access Frontline Education and are having trouble, you’re not alone. Many users are reporting that the site is down or not working properly.

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Frontline Education is an integrated software as a service company for the education industry. They develop and provide web-based solutions for school administration, including student information systems, curriculum management, financial management, employee management, and special education management.

The company was founded in 2002 and is headquartered in Malvern, Pennsylvania. They have several thousand clients in the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

What is Frontline Education?

Frontline Education is a leading provider of school management software and services. Their mission is to help educators grow professionally and improve student learning. They offer a variety of products and services, including educational planning and scheduling, student information management, data analysis and reporting, professional development, staff recruitment and selection, and more.

What are the benefits of Frontline Education?

Frontline Education is a comprehensive education management solution for school administrative districts and individual schools. The product includes tools for human resources, payroll, benefits, student information systems, grading and reporting, elementary and secondary curriculum planning, special education management, compliance monitoring and instructional improvement. It is designed to automate and streamline all aspects of school operations from a single integrated platform.

Frontline Education’s flagship product is Frontline Absence & Time (A&T). Frontline A&T streamlines the process of tracking employee time and absences. The product includes an easy-to-use desktop interface as well as a web interface that gives employees the ability to view their time cards, request leave and review their leave balances from any internet-connected device. The product also includes an automated time-tracking feature that can be used to track employee hours worked in real-time.

The benefits of using Frontline Education’s products include:

· Reduced workload for administrators: Frontline Education’s products are designed to automate and streamline all aspects of school operations from a single platform. This reduces the need for administrators to juggle multiple software applications or manually enter data into multiple systems.

· Improved data accuracy: Frontline Education’s products are designed to minimize data entry errors by automating data collection and validation processes. This ensures that critical data such as employee time sheets and student grades are accurate and up-to-date.

· Increased efficiency: Frontline Education’s products are designed to optimize school operations through automated workflow processes and real-time reporting capabilities. This enables administrators to quickly identify and address areas of concern, such as excessive absences or tardiness among employees, or areas where students are struggling academically.

· Improved communication between schools and families: Frontline Education’s products include features that facilitate communication between schools and families. For example, the student information system includes a parent portal that gives parents direct access to their child’s grades, attendance records, class schedules, etc.

What are the drawbacks of Frontline Education?

Just like any other educational system, Frontline Education has a few drawbacks. One of the main criticisms is that it can be repetitive and boring for students. Additionally, because the program is so focused on standardized test preparation, some students may feel that they are not getting a well-rounded education.

Is Frontline Education Down?

Frontline Education is an American company that develops and provides educational software products and services for school districts. As of 2017, they serve over 8,500 school districts.

On July 5th, 2018, several users began reporting that they were unable to access the Frontline Education website. Some were unable to login to their accounts, while others were redirected to a blank page or an error message when trying to access the site.

Frontline Education has not yet released a statement regarding the outage. However, they have acknowledged the issue on Twitter and are working on a resolution.

We will update this article as more information becomes available.


From what we can tell, Frontline Education may not be down right now but there could be an issue with their servers. We would recommend trying again later or contacting their customer support for more information.

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