Is Windows 10 Education Good for Students?

As a student, you need a reliable and affordable operating system that can handle all your schoolwork. Windows 10 Education is a great option that offers plenty of features and security for students.

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When Microsoft first released Windows 10, one of the versions they made available was Windows 10 Education. This version of Windows 10 is specifically designed for educational institutions, and it comes with a number of features that make it ideal for students. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the key features of Windows 10 Education and see if it’s really worth considering for students.

What is Windows 10 Education?

Windows 10 Education is a special version of Windows 10 that is designed for schools and students. It includes all the features of Windows 10 Home and Windows 10 Pro, but it also includes some special features that are only available in education versions of Windows.

Some of the notable features include:

-The ability to create and manage Classroom groups. This makes it easy for teachers to keep track of their students and assignments.
-A special Lockdown mode that prevents students from accessing certain apps or websites. This can be useful for preventing cheating during exams, or just for keeping students focused on their work.
-The ability to install and manage apps from the Windows Store for Education. This store includes apps that are specifically designed for education, such as interactive educational games, apps for creating digital portfolios, and more.

Windows 10 Education is available for free to schools and students who meet the eligibility requirements. If you’re not sure if you qualify, you can check with your school or the Microsoft Store for Education.

The Pros of Windows 10 Education

Windows 10 Education is good for students because it is more affordable than other versions of Windows 10. It also has all the features that are available in other versions of Windows 10. In addition, Windows 10 Education has additional security and privacy features that are beneficial for students.


One of the best features of Windows 10 Education is the high degree of customization it offers users. From the desktop interface to the start menu, there are a number of ways to change the look and feel of the operating system to suit your needs. This is ideal for students who want to make their computer their own and personalize their learning experience.

In previous versions of Windows, users were limited to a handful of stock backgrounds and interface colors. With Windows 10 Education, Microsoft has expanded the range of options available to users, giving them the ability to select from a variety of colors and backgrounds. This level of customization ensures that every student can find an aesthetic that suits them, making it easier to stay motivated and focused while using the operating system.

Ease of Use

Windows 10 Education is very similar to Windows 10 Pro, but it has a few features that make it more suitable for educational institutions. For example, it includes the ability to restrict access to certain features, such as the Microsoft Store, and it also has more comprehensive security features.

One of the biggest advantages of Windows 10 Education is that it is very easy to use. The start menu is similar to the one in Windows 7, so there is no need to learn a new interface. The taskbar is also very intuitive, and you can pin your most used apps and files for easy access.

Another advantage of Windows 10 Education is that it is very stable. Microsoft has made sure that all the bugs from previous versions of Windows have been fixed, so you can be sure that your computer will not crash unexpectedly.

finally, Windows 10 Education comes with a free one-year subscription to Office 365, which includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote. This means that you will not have to pay for a separate Office suite if you want to use these programs.


When it comes to security, Windows 10 Education is especially good for students. It includes all of the features of Windows 10 Enterprise, which is designed for businesses, but it also adds a few extras that make it ideal for educational institutions.

One of the most important security features in Windows 10 Education is support for multifactor authentication. This means that students can use their fingerprints or iris scans as well as a traditional password to log into their accounts.

Windows 10 Education also includes BitLocker, which encrypts all of the data on a device so that only someone with the right key can access it. This is important for protecting student data in case a device is lost or stolen.

In addition, Windows 10 Education includes some features that make it easier for administrators to manage and secure large numbers of devices. For example, there is a feature called Mobile Device Management (MDM) that makes it possible to manage settings and applications on mobile devices remotely.

Overall, Windows 10 Education is a very secure operating system that is ideal for students and educational institutions.

The Cons of Windows 10 Education

Windows 10 Education is a version of Windows 10 that is designed for students and educators. It includes all the features of Windows 10 Home, plus features for added security and control, and is licensed for use only by educational institutions and students. However, there are a few downsides to Windows 10 Education. Let’s take a look at some of the cons.

Limited Functionality

One of the biggest cons of Windows 10 Education is its limited functionality. Many of the features that make Windows 10 so popular are not available in the Education version. For example, you cannot use Cortana, the virtual assistant, and you cannot use the Microsoft Store to download apps. In addition, many of the built-in Windows 10 apps, such as Maps and Weather, are not available in Education.

Lack of Support

One of the biggest complaints with Windows 10 Education is the lack of support from Microsoft. If you have a problem with your computer, you’re on your own. There is no customer service number to call, and good luck getting answers from the community forums. If you can’t figure out the problem yourself, you’re out of luck.


education It is clear that Windows 10 has many features that are beneficial for students, including the ability to manage and customize settings, a wide variety of apps and programs, and increased security. Overall, Windows 10 Education is a good choice for students who want a reliable and feature-rich operating system.

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